30th anniversary for Danielsen Architecture

This year, Danielsen Architecture, headed by Kasper Danielsen, celebrates its 30th anniversary as part of the Danish architectural.

Kasper Danielsen, who obtained a degree in architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in 1985, founded Kasper Danielsen Arkitekter A/S in 1987, as the design studio was named at the time. While serving as CEO and head architect, Kasper solidified the business with buildings within Denmark as well as beyond the country’s borders. The studio gained solid ground in 2007 with Forbindelsesfingeren, which in Danish means the “connecting finger”, and is the link between the domestic and international terminals at Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport. The next year, Kasper Danielsen was named architect of the year.

In 1997, he founded the consultant firm Danielsen Spaceplanning with Malin Meyer as chief executive, and in 2014, he founded Danielsen Urban Landscape headed by Louise I. Axholm. Today, all three studios capture the artistic and practical disciplines of the field, founded on new Nordic functionalism where high architectural quality is united with consideration for the people who will function within the completed building.

Most recently, the design studio’s contribution to Danish architecture was awarded by the City of Copenhagen for the multi-user building Turbinehuset in Adelgade, based on its functional architectural qualities.

Over time, Danielsen Architecture has built strength adding Malin Meyer as partner and Peter K. Danstrup and Lise M. Bækgaard as associate partners. Today, the studio works with projects including the development of new homes in the Teglholmen and Engholmen areas along Copenhagen’s harbor.

All three companies and the almost 60 employees have just relocated to Wildersgade in Copenhagen’s Christianshavn neighborhood in a building designed by Danielsen Architecture. The company hosted its housewarming on June 9th with a reception alongside partners and friends in celebration of the company’s 30 years in Danish architecture.