Danielsen wins the competition for a new sustainable housing project in i Solrød

Green Hills in the municipality of Solrød will not only be a landmark for the municipality, but also a sustainable pioneering project that offers housing opportunities for people of all ages with a senior community in the heart of the settlement. The property is expected to be completed in 2022 / 2023.

It was with high expectations when, in August 2019, the municipality of Solrød sent the offer for the competition in the so-called “Cordoza land” with a view to creating a unique housing construction in the southern part of the municipality. The future housing construction had to meet a number of ambitious demands, for example, sustainability, climate protection, striking architecture as well as varied housing composition and at the same time contribute to the municipality’s vision of being the best place to live and live.

It is being developed in a collaboration between Balder Denmark, Sjælsø Management, Bovieran Denmark, Danielsen Urban Landscape, and the municipality of Solrød. The unique shape ensures that the building’s neighbors are taken into account as much as possible, as the buildings are at the ground level closest to the neighboring buildings. In addition, the grounds link to an existing path and cycle path, which gives access to the city center and not least the beach.