PwC Herning

Danielsen Spaceplanning has developed a workplace concept for PwC’s regional offices. The building in Herning fusions two branches and is a refubishment of the existing office building. The refurbishment is made in collaboration with Danielsen Architecture.

The building is intended to be a dynamic meeting place for employees and visitors. The ground floor and parts of the first floor is accommodated with a conference space, meeting rooms, canteen and a project workspace. The remaining area is reserved for activity based work. A ratio on the amount of fixed workspaces creates space for employee lounge, break out facilities and concentration spaces. There isn’t in the same manner single offices for executives but instead prioritized meeting rooms that only managers can book. In that way can the managers can sit comfortably in the open office close to their employees while at the same time enjoying the privilege of having a confidential space close by.





Gross Floor Area
3000 m²