Strandby Høje: A Lanscape In Complex Terrain

In the heart of Hundige, Strandby Huse will house 300 new homes along with small businesses and a collective space for residencies close right besides Hundige Station. This is an ambitious design situated in a very complex terrain, and with a large focus on sustainability, which shows in its Gold DGBN pre-certification.

The landscape represents sloping ramps, stairs and pathways that connects across large differences in levels, due to the complex terrain. On the large slopes a lush planting acts as a wind block and room shaping elements. On the top of the slopes, east facing terrasses connect the landscape with the ground floor apartments. The landscape invites to a variation of activities. All from relaxation and small walks, to playing and exploring.


Hundige stationsvej


2020 -

Gross Floor Area
20.000 m²