Teglporten: A melodious courtyard

The shapes and functions of the courtyard follows the rhythm of the facades architecture. The rhythm of the facade derives from the structure of the interior design. The windows, doors and houses are the nodes and the whole, the courtyard is the symphony that the courtyard plays within.

Each house around the courtyard has different bricks in the facade and each house controls the direction of the paving. This principle is repeated for the rest of the elements in the courtyard, including vegetation, garbage sheds, bike parking and the private terraces. Even the benches, planters and gutters for rainwater retains that rhythm.

In the center of the courtyard, green hills break the beat with its natural forms and vegetation containing Scotch pine, autumn cherry and Japanese rowan. The groundcover consists of ferns, grasses and perennials – wild and varied throughout the seasons.


Copenhagen S

NREP & Agenda Property

2014 - 2016

Gross Floor Area
15.000 m²