Danielsen Spaceplanning has been in charge of the transformation of an industrial property in Copenhagen. An exciting development from a car hall, to a creative office environment.

Danielsen became engaged as consultants when AKF Holding sought new domicile and more space. After a number of workshops with the management and a user process, we agreed to look at the company’s newly acquired property portfolio in Nørrebro, regarding to transforming a car hall into an innovative office building. The different levels and the spacious staircase, as well as the café / meeting ‘boxes’ in the high room, provide a nice division of the office departments. The interior invites to different ways of meeting and working.

After an interesting sketching process, we found the shape of AKF’s new domicile in an ambitious renovation and remodeling where the history of the garage stands in contrast to the elegant office environment with a personal fitting, where art, raw surfaces, tailor-made furniture and the selected designer furniture support the company’s history.

Danielsen Urban Landscape has developed an urban courtyard environment, with wooden decks and large flower pots with inspiration from Nordic wildflowers, which contrasts with the Copenhagen workshop environment. The house’s large gates are retained, and provide light into the deep office building, establishing a fine dialogue between an exterior courtyard and the interior of the office environments.


Bispevej 2
Copenhagen NV



Gross Floor Area
880 m²