The buildings, which currently host international companies, were the Danish headquarters of Nordic Sugar for many years. Sugar deposits, a factory, and the administration were gathered under the roof of this pulsating building from 1912. The narrative of the Danish sugar industry unfolds in the building and is colored by the consideration, shown during the renovation for the values of the property, which are an integral part of the renovation.  The original and unique concrete constructions have been exposed in some places while an ornate detailed iron staircase has been updated and the storage halls’ old timber beams tower as a sculptural frame around new, contemporary rooms.

The cores of the building have been removed in order for light to flow through the building and open it up. The opening of the building’s interior provides room and opportunity for renovation with functionality and usability in mind. A new cafeteria area and meeting rooms, a showroom, boardrooms, and even a gym are installed for the users. All of this is thought into the project to reflect modernity and a modern working life. The entrance area is the only new addition to the building’s beautiful, red façade, where the classic Copenhagen brick is maintained.


Langebrogade 1
Copenhagen K



Gross Floor Area
7.000 m²