Domicil til Accura

The ambition is to create a modern and innovative office building on site 3.04 on Trælastholmen, which is ideally located between blue canals, metro and urban squares.

We aim to create a development that contributes to the environment surrounding ”Orientkaj” metro station, – and provides a dialogue with the neighbourhood square ”Trælastkaj” to the East. Here, users and visitors are invited to connect while seating on the stairs located between the green urban spaces. Simultaneously, we want to create a place where the building’s users can come out and take a seat at the edge of the canals to the West and South. By doing so, the building opens up to all corners of the world, with facades that form quiet niches for outdoor seating and that facilitate active and outward-looking zones on the ground floor. We see it as a key element that the building reveals its own identity on Trælastholmen, with facades and edge zones that contribute to the life of the city and ensure various experiences and functionalities.

The building’s program is planned so the major unifying functions are arranged on the ground floor, with the most active functions placed along the facades facing activity zones, canals, the metro square and Trælastkajen. On upper floors, offices are placed in generous high rooms. Transparency through large bay windows provides the workplaces with good daylight conditions while at the same time showcasing the building’s internal dynamics to the surroundings. As a very special motif, an outdoor space is planned in the Southwest corner of the building’s ground floor. This area is a primary link between the meeting center and the canteen. The corner will be designed as a two-storey outdoor space where the building’s users can enjoy the sun and the blue features of the canals. The building will be constructed in light shades of natural stone or a similar light facade material with a matt surface, in combination with golden brown wooden sections and dark, copper-like window frames. The choice of materials is inspired by the classic modernist commercial buildings that characterised Copenhagen’s skyline almost 100 years ago. Through a starting point in modernism, we aim to give Trælastholmen and the city a building with great sculptural value. Architecturally, the facade has a soft and rhythmic division with windows and bay windows adapted to the building’s program.

The facades will be decorated with bay windows of the same material and glass sections in narrow brown frames. The bay windows will appear as “opened slits” thus becoming “folding” elements on the facade. The bay windows function as solar shading and are oriented away from the direction of the sun. Therefore, the light incidence provides a soft sky light while only during very few hours of the day, direct sun exposure. The dimensions of the bay windows follow the different floor heights and have 2 different widths. These small variations create a playful rhythm removing monotony along the extent of the facades. The ground floor has a much higher level of transparency and has no bay windows, but instead works here with the urban space, creating niches and alternating very narrow and wide window sections, where the active interior of the building enters into a dialog with the edge zones and the surroundings.


Nordhavn. Copenhagen

Accura Lawyers


Gross Floor Area
10.000 m2