Housing, Carlsberg Byen

Over the next 10 to 15 years, Carlsberg Byen will see the development of 567,000 square meters in floor space upon the old brewery grounds in the heart of Copenhagen. The area will become a neighborhood with contemporary architecture which suits the beautiful and historic Carlsberg buildings, designed by some of Denmark’s best architects at the time.

Our residential building is part of a prospectus for Carlsberg Byen and has a bold design. The building has staggered bay windows projecting from the façade, which turn into balconies almost imitating the jagged skin of a crocodile. The façade comes off complicated but is a rational system of single elements, which are staggered on each floor, thus enabling the installation of partially interior balconies. This design finds inspiration in the exterior expression of the neighboring building De Hængende Haver, designed by Svenn Eske Kristensen in 1967.

The ground floor will be home to community facilities such as cafes and small stores which contribute to the urban, social environment of the area.

Housing and retail

Carlsberg Byen - Building plot 9.1
Copenhagen V

Carlsberg Byen Ejendomme P/S

2015 -

Gross Floor Area
16.000 m²

Site plan