Vesterbrogade 188

Vesterbrogade 188 is incorporated between two very different buildings which were constructed more than 60 years apart. The façade design thus takes priority in the project development.

Similar to many other buildings on Vesterbrogade, the chosen material is brick. However, in this case, surfaces are unconventionally staggered in various ways, as such creating new interpretations of the bay window.

Besides the jumps in level, the new infill-building also adopts the neighboring building’svarying, exterior lines and ties these together with a relief sculpture, created by the staggered levels of the façade which, along with the proportions, gives rise to an overall expression of harmony. The infill-building connects as well as closes off the block while belonging to a line in facade, which in spite of great variations expresses harmony and logical proportions.

The building is dressed in beautiful greyish and maroon brick while the top penthouse floor is dressed in zinc. The utilization of the greyish-reddish bricks and grey zinc finds direct inspiration from the existing buildings of Vesterbro’s late 1800 era. In this way, the new property will be an organic and contemporary part of the Vesterbro neighborhood.


Vesterbrogade 188
Frederiksberg C

CPMG Construct ApS

2009 - 2015

Gross Floor Area
1.500 m²

Site plan