Montenegro comes from the words “large mountain”, and the region has a mountainous coastline which is home to unique, beautiful nature. As such, constructing in a terraced form is an obvious choice to reap the most benefits from the area’s breath-taking, unspoiled view.

The buildings are developed as an exclusive apartment complex, which is built into the mountainside, 60-90 meters above sea level. The development counts two buildings in 10 terraced stories and all the apartments have a remarkable view of the bay. A total of 32 private homes make up the development and each have their own unique interior design. There are three pools, one of which is indoors. Outdoor areas and common entrances belong to every apartment. These entrances are not unlike the narrow streets of medieval villages, leading up and down the mountainside.

The design focuses on spaciousness, exclusiveness, and international, modern lifestyle with inspiration from similar luxury apartments along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas.



Dejasa Projects Ltd.


Gross Floor Area
1.500 m²

Site plan