Skelbækgade masterplan

For years, Skelbækgade has been an idle zone in the middle of the active, vibrant Vesterbro area, which marks the border between Den Hvide Kødby and the surrounding area. This small street has long been a part of Vesterbro in dire need of a physical, social, cultural, and not least architectural boost. The renewal of Skelbækgade will make it safer and more attractive to be a student or resident in Vesterbro. The physical changes must have local roots, according to the city, and accommodate local needs as best possible. This renewal thus puts the spotlight on participation, and an urban space will be created with common areas open to the local population.

Danielsen Architecture’s projects on Skelbækgade consist of two buildings, which are staggered in relation to each other. SOPU lies at an angle while Scandic Hotel is in line with the street’s façade line. This withdrawal downscales the ratios and opens up space towards Skelbækgade. The space between the two buildings forms a passageway which is a link to Kødbyen. This path will be a community facility just as the garden area of the hotel is open to the city’s users. As such, cultural sustainability will be a focus of Skelbækgade going forward.

Retail and office

Copenhagen V

Tetris A/S

2009 -

Gross Floor Area
25.000 m²

Site plan