BLOXHUB partnership signed

The cooperation agreement with BLOXHUB was signed at this year’s MIPIM. Danielsen Spaceplanning’s services in the comprehensive project will count workspace analysis, branding, project management, drafting of a design theme, and custom designs.

BLOXHUB is a co-working community which revolves around collaboration, development, and the export of sustainable, Danish design and urban space development. The project focuses on jobs of the future and makes up a partnership between Danielsen Spaceplanning, Realdania, and the BLOXHUB community. Concept development constituted a vital service intended to promote internal knowledge sharing and innovation, as well as bring attention to new cooperation activities.

“For us, it’s about tailoring and optimizing the interactive platform which can function in an ever-changing society, and in a world where concepts such as the sharing economy and disruption affect ways of creating value through collaboration. It’s about establishing a framework to retain employees, developing partnerships in business, and securing labor for the future,” says CEO of Danielsen Spaceplanning, Malin Meyer, depicted here with HUB Director, Torben Klitgaard and CCO of BLOXHUB, Frederik Tauber.

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