Bastionen: Bees, childhood and flowering balconies

Each home has its own balcony, but the courtyard has space and grounding, and can gather adults and children for freedom, the fountain’s walking stick, daisies in meadow grass and vertical gardens.

A well-functioning urban space, is for us an outdoor space, that offers experiences and freedom. Opportunity to do what we want, without the landscape architecture dictating our behavior.Instead of filling the courtyard with playgrounds, we plant a courtyard garden with climbing trees and scrub with Japanese quince, Elkhorn fern, rosemary willow and Elderflower.

The shrubs give the courtyard oriental spicy fruits, fluffy plant buds and hiding places. Elderflowers and berries can be harvested for juice both spring and late summer and small hills with different daisies in the meadow grass invite you to lie and watch the clouds pass bye.

But watch out for the scrubs with the thorny bush “Chinese angelica-tree”. It must be enjoyed remotely; in the spring with its large bright flower clusters and in the fall with all the bright colors. Study the scrub from a distance. Various tiles and coating types that are well suited for parties, football, communal eating and everything a courtyard floor can otherwise be used for!

In the gates of the courtyard, there are vertical gardens that lead five meters wide corridors into the courtyard. Every corridor meets in the yard and provides free passage for both people and the wind that almost always blows on Kalvebod Fælled. When the wind has several roads to distribute, and does not have to squeeze through few narrow openings, it feels milder. The vertical gardens are also good at slowing down the wind, with their lush vegetation. Completely flat and smooth surfaces, act as a roller coaster for the wind. Steel screens with different hole patterns and climbing plants, provide changing shading effects and slightly more shelter. Both for the wind and for life in the yard, if you need to sit a little in peace.


Else Alfelts Vej 63-67 & Richard Mortensens Vej 60-70
Ørestad Syd, København S


2015 -

Gross Floor Area
23.000 m²