Danielsen Urban Landscape

With the power of nature, climate, carefully selected plants and the dream of freedom, we create nature experiences in the city

We dream of moving freely in the city, and strive for the beauty and harmony that plants provide. Nature’s eternal transformations, all the facets of the climate and the special character of every context inspires us.


Our work has a strong relation to nature’s variation and impermanence. The strength of a natural landscape is that nature is never steady, but always in endless transformation. When working with new landscapes, we always use that strength – Also when it comes to climate change;

Climate adaptation

Sustainable urban drainage systems are always a natural part of our projects. We believe that intelligent rainwater management solutions must give us both security and recreational value, and it is logical for us to think rainwater as a positive resource in relation to urban life and the environment that support the function of a site.


Our projects are always related to the local context in which they are located. It is important for us to create a link between building and landscape.

Urban freedom

For us, a well-functioning urban space, is a space related to the human-scale, offering experiences and opportunities to do exactly what you want. A place where behavior is not controlled.

The right plants

Everything we do is based on all that nature itself can create. Having that in mind, we carefully match plant compositions to the right amounts of light, shade and wind. To ensure coherence when creating landscapes, we mimic natures own powers.