Savannehuset: Terrace Terrain

The terrain in the courtyard is terraced, and divided by support walls, ramps and stairs. A huge pattern of large plant containers with Sargent crabapple, Staghorn sumac and Evergreen Epimedium merges between the landscape of low walls, heavy stairs and light ramps. Small spaces for play, bicycle parking and garbage bins are included in the whole.

The ground floor apartments all have terraces facing the courtyard, and the terraces are behind wide planting belts of Pines and red Autumn ferns – an evergreen and lush cover, illuminated by the red-leafed fern.

In the middle of the courtyard there are various tile pavements, wooden decks, grassy surfaces and lush plant beds with robust ground cover, perennials and bushes. In small niches around the yard, benches are ready for peaceful stay in the sun.


Byggefelt 3.5 - Ørestad Syd
Copenhagen S

Topdanmark og Agenda Property


Gross Floor Area
22.000 m²