The high-rise apartments on Stadionvej consist of 48 condominiums spread across a total 5,000 square meters of floor space, near the pride of the entire area, namely the large forest for climbing in Egeparken and the stadium facilities.

The towers rest on an elongated plot with a public, green pathway leading between the buildings. The high-rise brings the homes together and opens the air and space facing the outdoor areas, which are a crucial and value-creating element at Stadionvej. Danielsen Urban Landscape designs the areas between and around the apartments, which will grow into Egeparken over time. The homes on Stadionvej thus contribute to a dynamic neighborhood with ideal possibilities for communal activity and inspiring interaction with nature.

The bearing element in the apartments is that they all have an attractive corner location. This way, each home receives natural lighting from two sides and each home is built with spaciousness and flexibility at the forefront. The functional floor plans allow for adding and removing rooms, as well as flexible interior design and use of space. Every ground floor apartment has its own terrace, which is an immediate extension of the home, while the above apartments have balconies of 9 square meters and depth of 2 meters. Furthermore, each high-rise has a collective rooftop terrace.

The exclusive penthouse apartments, which are on the fifth story in all four buildings, receive natural lighting from three sides and have their own private rooftop terraces. The penthouse apartments are coated in zinc, which interacts beautifully with the surrounding green nature and the white-washed facades with their modern expression and dark gray, sable noir window frames.


Stadionvej 82 & 90

Bonava Danmark A/S

2017 -

Gross Floor Area
5.000 m²

Site plan