Køge Kyst

The new residential project in Danish city Køge is part of a comprehensive master plan for the new area Søndre Havn, which is located near both greenery and the ocean. The approximately 80 apartments are spread across 6,600 square meters in an open block building which ranges from three to five stories. The building, which is pressed into the southern corner, enables daylight to enter the raised courtyard. On top of the building’s southern-facing corner, there is a large communal rooftop terrace for joint activities and socializing. Towards the east and west, there are common areas connected by a green path through the courtyard.

The homes in Køge Kyst boast the quality of having several functional elements. For example, the windows are placed ideally to most benefit the homes behind the façade, and despite the varying sizes of the apartments, all of the homes are full of light and made to be functional. All balconies face south, while the north-facing facades are equipped with bay windows, where select apartments offer the possibility of stepping out and looking down upon the street.

At the ground level, where you can get close to the building, dark, profiled steel sheet is used to accentuate the entrances and gates, and diverge from the building’s white-washed façade. The same dark sheet returns on the front edges of the balconies and the dressing of the rooftops. This gives rise to an exciting contrast between the white-washed façade’s simple and strict lines and the dark, aesthetic elements. The building also plays on contrasts such as dark and light, shadow and sun, black and white, as a functionalist, aesthetic theme in the project.


Strandpromenaden 3-5

Bonava Danmark A/S


Gross Floor Area
6.600 m²