Fionia is an apartment complex in Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, which like Kajkanten is part of the urban development around Havnestaden. The building’s point of departure is the creation of new, interactive opportunities in the area, where the city, the water, and the park meet. The apartment complex is designed with its own particular identity, which helps set the architectural frame for the area’s future developments. Meanwhile, it was important to create a building which is cohesive with the area in its architectural design. For this reason, the building has mansard rooves and is made of grey brick.

The floor plans of the apartments maintain the qualities of classic Copenhagen apartments. Fionia is a rethinking of this type of planning as the apartments are designed with set bathrooms, technical rooms, and stairwells to optimize flexibility. The bathroom functions as the core in the center of the apartment and the surrounding rooms can be placed in a more or less open progression of rooms. Ideally, walls are installed by the individual residents, according to their needs and, as such, the basic design can be adapted to different target audiences with different needs.


Islands Brygge
Copenhagen S

JM Danmark A/S


Gross Floor Area
17.500 m²

Site plan