Harbour Park

Harbour Park is a project in the new Århusgade neighborhood in the Nordhavn area. The local architecture and the heavy, brick buildings on the harbor inspire the structure of these buildings. The dynamic of Frihavnen’s heavy port industry frames the new buildings and outdoor facilities in Sandkajen. The west-facing façade contains community facilities, inviting participation in this particular urban space which will be developed around new, narrow canals and pools.

The building is constructed as a closed residential block and the broken facades along with varying heights provide for downscaled variation. The buildings further mimic the classic architecture of Copenhagen with vertical shifts in façade. Three colors of expressive brick along with an exciting and unusual fabric-like quality illustrate these shifts. The balconies and horizontal recesses function as exterior motives which give rise to animation while creating a visual process across the large facades.


Copenhagen Nordhavn

KPC København A/S og AP Pension

2012 - 2016

Gross Floor Area
12.100 m²

Site plan

Concept diagrams