Teglværkskajen is part of the same urban development plan as Teglporten and built in a dense, homogenous residential block structure with four to seven stories surrounded by promenades and streets.

All of the homes have two balconies or terraces with brick fronts and steel protection above, which reference the shapes of modernism. The clear lines reflect how the building is designed from the inside out. This means that the façade follows the home’s interior functions. The common areas in the apartments, for example, face the street side while the bedrooms face the courtyard area.

Along the same lines as its neighbor Teglporten, Teglværkskajen has a particular exterior expression. Two different types of brick do not contrast each other but instead harmonize and complement each other. When light hits the bricks, one type shimmers as it reflects the light not unlike the water which engulfs Teglholmen.

The connection to the water is a pivotal part of how Teglværkskajen is shaped. A stairway, approximately as wide as the façade of the building, forms a unique outdoor area with direct access to the water.


Teglholmens Østkaj
Copenhagen SV

Obel Lfi Ejendomme A/S and Agenda Property ApS

2013 -2017

Gross Floor Area
21.330 m²

Site plan