Green Hills: A green landmark

The landscape towards the south is open and available for a forest parking. It is defined by large beautiful fully-crowned trees of local origin. The trees ensure variation in the seasons, mitigate the noise impact of the nearby infrastructure while naturally marking the meeting between the horizontal and vertical landscape.

The landscape, which is centrally located in the settlement, is naturally shielded by the new buildings. Visually, due to the open vessel structure, it has a clear connection with the large coherent natural areas north of the area. The planting is also inspired by the area to the north. Full-crowned oak and beech trees are complemented by smaller trees such as rowan and birch. Curved paths extend strategic locations to smaller space formations. Various functions such as play areas, communal accommodation and quiet areas have been arranged in the space formations.


Solrød strand Solrød

Balder Danmark ApS og Bovieran Aps


Gross Floor Area
30.000 m²