Skovlunde Bymidte: The city’s green ties

A new district in the old Skovlunde city center, must form the framework for a completely new and active urban life, where both residents, traders and sportsmen and women must be able to meet across age, interests and social background.

Bystrædet is the most important urban space, that must tie the city center together, and support the area’s life and well-being. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the city district is experienced as a differentiated but nevertheless continuous course, which is composed of narrower paths and openings, that create space structures. Bystrædet binds the area together, both internally and with the city’s surrounding hubs – the station square in the north and Ballerup Boulevard in the south.

The pavement on the city square must have its own character, which supports the city-town’s status as the connecting element in the city center. A series of elliptical plant beds are designed as high beds, so that the edge can be used as a seat. The planting in the high beds appears lush with a mixture of multi-stemmed trees, smaller shrubs and a dense bottom cover, which in species selection ensures a variety all year round.

Urban landscape


Dowo Real Estate Asset Management


Gross Floor Area
45.000 m²