Strandby housing

The development is comprised of 3 four-storey point houses with a distinctive architectural composition, in fine harmony with the surrounding context.

The yellow raw brick facade contrast the soft, white plastered fields around the windows. The choice of the classic cladding materials creates a robust expression that, together with rhythm and proportioning, highlights the residential function of the building. The positioning and proportioning of the windows optimizes daylight in the individual dwellings, while taking into account interior design and flexibility. By using this strategy, the dwellings can host one to two people, whether they are couples or room-mates. The balcony acts as an extension of the apartment and will function not only as a dining nook, but also a place for drying clothes and growing small herb gardens.

The balcony is an immediate part of the home, while the street space is the framework of our life as residents in the city. A clear differentiation is made between the private life on the balcony and the public life in the urban space. However, both scenarios have a significant influence on each other and on the way we experience the city’s dynamics. The ingenuity comes from making all the different outdoor spaces interact with the dwellings and the surrounding city, so the city and the home reflect the life we live, but also the life we want to live. The choice of good, healthy and durable materials gives the houses a long lifespan with limited maintenance. The architectural expression is a modern interpretation of the well-known terraced houses and apartment buildings in Denmark, adapted to future requirements for indoor climate and the wishes and needs of a modern family.


Frydenhøj alle



Gross Floor Area
3.000 m2