Building plot 3.3 sits uniquely between the large park Amager Fælled and the dense city, enabling a vast range of possibilities for integrating urban and natural elements. We implemented this in our residential project where green rooftops make up one of the most characteristic and attractive traits of the development.

The buildings consist of a relatively dense residential structure with the option of heights ranging from seven to 27 meters. To balance out the heavy mass of the building, green oases are planted on the large rooftop surfaces. The rooftop gardens are an integrated part of the block’s architecture with complete visibility and they partake in a visually as well as recreationally active part of the building for the neighborhood and the inhabitants. Greenhouses are on the rooves for urban gardening and distinguish the building even from a distance. The roofes will also be able to hold activities such as sports and gatherings.

The façade is staggered in sections and accordingly gives the impression that the block is made up of individual buildings. The expressive bricks in greyish, warm earth tones have a decided fabric feel which contributes to the imitation of classic Copehagen structures. The urban environment in the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Copenhagen inspired this choice of material, which thus contributes to the urban relation to the city which will be home to Ørestad Syd.


Else Alfelts Vej 52-58
Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen S

Balder Danmark ApS

2015 -2019

Gross Floor Area
21.000 m²

Concept diagrams