Sivholm: Town garden between salty canals

The terraced houses adjoin the canals, and behind the houses a funnel-shaped urban landscape emerges, which we transform into a town garden

At Sivholm, the town garden must be a recreational space with wooden trunks for hammocks and a leaf roof for shade and shelter. An urban but concentrated recreation room. Rows of multi-stemmed cherries, hawthorn and grey snake-bark maple form a leafy roof over beds of euonymus and ivy and living areas of bright golden tile terraces.

At the edge of the town garden, the logistics between the shared garden and the private terraces near the houses are settled: All traffic around the residential island, access for trash collection and rescue vehicles and arrival at the private front and rear gardens, which starts in the town garden, is bounded by hedges, bends in terraces down through the backyard, towards the canals, and ends in private pontoons with salt-tolerant planting such as sea buckthorn that can cope with sea water and create a shield against kayakers in the canal.


Albert Schweitzers Vej 2-88
2450 Enghave Brygge, København SV



Gross Floor Area
7.300 m²