Christian Langes Plads

‘Christian Langes Square’ is the neighborhood square of Enghave Brygge, and is part of a long promenade along the southern harbor front. The urban landscape has a marine character with a good connection to the water that surrounds the square.

The wooden wharf orients towards the marina and invites for short stays and recreational use. To break up the surface of the large wooden deck, small planter beds with wind and salt tolerant plants are placed into the deck, to help divide the space into smaller zones.

In the east end of the project lies the ‘Drowning House’ and functions as an café today. A small heritage house that formerly was situated on the north-east peak of Enghave Brygge. In front of the Drowning House you can find seating for the café’s customers and other users of the square, with an excellent view of the harbor and sunny spots throughout the day.


Enghave Brygge
København SV



Gross Floor Area
2000 m²